Discover How One Woman Used These 'Lost' Horse Training Secrets Of A Legendary Horse Trainer...


"She Took A Horse So WILD (He Bit And Kicked her - Even Broke Her Hip!) To Tame & Trained In Only 3 Months  And  Winning Dressage and Showjumping Prizes With Her 8 Year Old Daughter...

And Now You Can Do The Same -- With These Amazingly Fast And Effective Horse Training Techniques YOU Can Tame And Train ANY Horse, Often In Mere Hours, Regardless Of Your Previous Experience!



Look, don't take my word for it:


Here's Malissa's story along with the photo she sent me - it's just one of the unsolicited emails I've received recently:

"Following your books instructions I trained my horse in 3 months..."


"Hi Craig,


...I brought your product about 9 months ago...and just want to say, following your books instructions I trained my horse in 3 months and is now a dressage and showjumper. My child is 8 years old and she takes all the prizes in the shows with him, so actually I want to thank you for the training manuals. Without your help I couldn't have done it."


"Just to give you proof that your training manuals really works, I have add a picture of the horse I trained. He was really WILD, bit and kicked me and even broke my hip bone, but look at them now!!!! I'm so glad that there are people like you Craig who are willing to give others a chance on training there own horses."


~ Malissa Rosslee
Rustenburg City
South Africa



From: Craig Parish
Tame and Train your horse (or ANY horse!)


Dear Friend,


magine taking ANY horse and being able to tame and train  him in as little as 4-6 hours...


And being able to accomplish it gently - with a deep understanding of the horse and its natural instincts and urges...


You can do this because you have the knowledge and ability to eliminate any bad habit a horse could throw at you -- I'm talking about balking, shying, kicking, biting, halter pulling - you name it!


Imagine how you'd feel having a wonderfully trained horse - a horse that obeys your every command, lets you saddle him without question and stables easily.  A horse that even responds to your voice and body signals from a distance!


Now you can develop a deep bond and connection with your horse and enjoy one another for many years to come, all because of the easy way you trained him...


Is thinking about YOUR horse right now and feeling like this is just some wild fantasy?  Does it seem impossible to you  -- because your horse is misbehaved  and untrained or maybe wild or even vicious?


Well, here's some good news: not only could what you just read above become your reality.... it could happen much faster than you ever imagined possible!


It doesn't matter what level of
experience you have today...


Maybe you've got a wild or untrained horse like Malissa's and you don't know where to start...  Or maybe you've got a 'problem' horse some bad habits you just can't shake...


Maybe even you're a horse trainer looking for an edge over your competition...


Regardless of your experience, if any of the above strikes a chord with you, then then this might just be the most important letter you'll read this year!


You see, you're about to discover how to master any horse  and bend it to do your will - even teach it tricks - without brutality and all in record time!


With this knowledge you can take even the baddest, nastiest, most contrary horse and put it on its best behavior so quickly you'll want to kick yourself for not discovering these secrets years ago!


And the best part is that anyone can do this - even if you've never trained a horse in your life!  I'll come back to this in a second... but first...


The 'lost' horse training secrets exposed...


I'm going to share with you the closely guarded and all-but-forgotten secrets that today's professional horse trainers either don't know or don't want you to know!


How do I know them?  


Not long ago, just like you, I had no idea these 'secrets' existed.  But then...


I heard about an old and all but forgotten manuscript with a very long title, said to be written by an old time Master Horseman.  Inside, it was said, this horseman revealed his proven Step-by-Step Formula for Taming and Training any Wild or Vicious Horse in as little as 4 to 6 hours!


And he describes how he does it GENTLY - without resorting to brutal intimidation.


Sounds great so far, right?  


But finding a copy proved difficult.  It was long out of print.  I couldn't find this book in any bookstore or library -- I even scoured the internet trying to find a copy.  Turns out this wasn't a book I could just order from Amazon...


And then...


One day, while browsing a collection of very old books, I found a book with a very long title about training horses printed way back in the 1800's.


Eagerly, I began to read...


And I discovered a time when horse and man absolutely
depended on one and other to survive...


A short couple of hours later I'd finished the whole thing and it hit me that here was a book that is extremely valuable to anyone and everyone who works with horses!


Now you might be asking yourself,  "Is this old information really of any use today?"


The answer is: "ABSOLUTELY YES!"  


You see, this book is from a time when the bond between horse and man was a lot stronger than it is today.  A time before the domination of the motor car.


A time when lives - yours or your loved ones, may have depended on a good, reliable and well trained horse.  (And the way things are going, those times may come again!)


Sure, many things may have changed since the 1800's but: a horse is still a horse and these old-time horsemen knew them a lot more intimately than we do today.


They had to because lives and livelihoods depended on it!  Heck, I'd wager those old timers knew more than most of today's 'experts' put together!


This was just the beginning...


The men who wrote "How To Tame and Train Wild and Vicious Horses" were truly Master Horsemen in their own experienc and, not only that, they also drew on hidden knowledge from ancient cultures (especially Arabian) in which the relationship between man and horse played a very central role in life and survival.


BUT this book was just the beginning of my discovery!





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Inspired by my lucky find I began to seek out more forgotten horse training techniques of old time horse trainers.  After much frenzied digging I hit the mother lode: the works of a legendary horseman from the early 1900's...


This horse trainer, while very famous in his own time is still revered in some circles even today!  As his legacy he poured his whole lifetime of horse training knowledge and experience into one massive and fully illustrated 8 volume course on horsemanship.


These 8 books cover every aspect of Horse training - from what you must know before you begin the first lesson right through to teaching your horse sophisticated tricks!


Even his students became expert trainers themselves and now you can too!  (In the course he even tells his students how much to charge for the valuable skills he teaches them!)


In his time, this man was without peer.    In fact, he would have to be one of the greatest Horse Trainers that has ever lived!


He would travel from town to town taming the most untrainable, unbreakable horses folks could bring him - he took on all challengers and he never failed!


You CAN train your horse, quickly and
easily, often in mere hours...


Look, I know it's hard when you've got horse problems.   And you have to understand that it's not your fault!


I know how it is to try to get results using what you know - what others have told you or things you've seen them do... but nothing seems to work.  And sometimes you get a really stubborn horse or one with such a persistent bad habit that you're tearing your hair out because you just don't know what to do...


Is it time to call in an expert?


Professional trainers can be very expensive and not always effective.  But what if you could achieve better results yourself in less time and keep your cash in your pocket (or spend it on something else)?


Well, now you can.


You see, I now have the rights to republish this entire treasure trove of valuable horse training information so now you can benefit from these secrets too with my brand new...


"Horse Training Secrets Exposed!"


Horse Training Secrets Exposed brings together for you all of the lost manuscripts I uncovered. I acquired the rights to them so now you too could reap their incredible rewards...


They're all packaged for you in a digitally downloadable format so that you can grab them for yourself right now -- and begin training and taming your own horse or horses -- no matter how wild or vicious they may be - you'll see results fast!


Since I began sharing these secrets a couple of years ago I've been thrilled (but not surprised) to hear about the amazing results ordinary folks like Malissa have been achieving when they use the powerful horse training secrets revealed in these books.


Here's another one of the emails I've received from a very satisfied customer:

"What can I say except that it WORKS!"


"Hi ya,


What can I say except that it WORKS!


A friend of mine has a pony which is about 4 years old now and unbroken, she bought it at six months old she was somewhat badly treated. When ever she goes into the field to feed them the pony goes mad doing everything it can to kick and bite and has done on several occasions.  Her intention was to have it for her grandson, but the way it behaved was not at all suitable for a child.


After reading your book Tame and Train Wild and Vicious Horses I thought I would test some of your lessons out, Bingo after a few weeks of putting into practice some your methods she is now a very different pony much quieter and does not try to kick and bite, I still have a long way to go but she is getting better all the time.


I would just like to say that I have had no previous experience of doing anything like this, just going out riding now and then so I've shocked myself in what I have done and feel quite proud of myself as she was thinking in terms of getting rid of her, who knows what her fate would have been?


Thanks again for your help."


~ Ian Wilson 
Colwyn Bay, Conwy
Wales UK 


You can read more letters from other folks further down this page and there's plenty more like it!


You'll understand why when you see what's inside these amazing books.

Here's a look at ALL that is included with Horse Training Secrets Exposed:


"How To Tame and Train Wild & Vicious Horses" is the first of the long-lost gems contained in your Horse Training Secrets Exposed package. 


The authors of "How To Tame and Train Wild and Vicious Horses" were truly expert Horsemen and were influenced by the hidden knowledge of the ancient Arabian culture in which the relationship between man and horse played a very central role in life and survival going back many hundreds of years.


In this "How to Tame and Train Wild & Vicious Horses", you'll discover secrets such as...


How to tame and train a wild horse naturally and gently - in plain and simple language even a child can understand!


How you can get the better of any horse using the "Three Fundamental Principles".


The sure fire key to building a deep bond or connection with your horse - the authors discovered this in a long lost European manuscript from 1811 - they improved upon it and share it in this book!


How to "say good-bye" to disobedience - easy when you know the real reason behind it!


How to remove a horse's fear of certain objects by using this little known secret of how a horse really decides if an object is safe or dangerous.


How to succeed in getting the colt from pasture "as easily as the hunter drives quails into his net."


The best type of switch or whip to use in training.  You'll find out why it's the best, the right way and the wrong way to use it effectively and what you must do immediately after you use the whip - if you don't do this you will likely do more harm than good.


How to stable a colt easily and even have him "go in of his own accord".  No more struggling and pulling!


The best type of halter to use, the right way to fit it, and why you should NEVER put a rope halter on an unbroken colt.


How a horse will learn to "read" your feelings and the two feelings you should never "show" your horse.


How to use the horse's most important sense to empower your training techniques.  (Do you know what it is?  Most folks get this totally wrong!)


 Who you should have with you in the stable with when training a horse.  The answer may surprise you but when you try it you'll be shocked by how well this works.


How to control a horses movements as you approach - using your own body movements.  This is like having a 'remote control' for your horse!


How you can use one simple fact about the awesome strength of a horse to your advantage.


How to ensure your horse won't pull or rear when haltered and exactly where you should stand when you halter a horse.


How to easily saddle even the wildest colt.   Know this and you can, in the authors own words: "put a saddle on the wildest colt that ever grew, without any help, and without scaring him."


How to mount your horse and exactly where your first ride should take place.  (Hint: it's probably not where you think!)


A simple tool that will let you mount even the wildest horse and how to tell when it is safe to mount.


How to use the reins in ways that "will stop any horse from jumping ahead, rearing up, or running away" and gently make a stubborn horse move, even "when whipping would have no effect."


How to tell when to finish the first ride - Have you been making that first ride too short - or too long?  Your horse knows, do you?  You'll also discover 


The optimum length of a training session.


The simple and failsafe technique to break a kicking horse "without any possible danger of hurting himself or you either".


How to use the bit to give your horse "a nice and graceful carriage - without hurting him, making him mad, or causing his mouth to get sore."


How to eliminate balking - even when deeply ingrained!


What to do if your horse is very wild BEFORE you drive him for the first time.


The secret the author used to walk colts into a stable "in less than a minute, after men had worked for half an hour trying to pull them in."


And so much more!

You get EVERYTHING -- the whole method from getting a colt from pasture through riding to even getting your horse to lie down or follow you!


You'll have complete step-by-step instructions  "commencing with the first steps taken with the colt, and accompanying you through the whole task of breaking."


And best of all is you'll be able to do it gently using the "psychology" of the horse to get your way.  It'll be almost as if you can speak their language!


Now you too can be a "Horse Whisperer"!


It doesn't matter if it's your old pet horse 'Slowpoke' or if you're chasing wild Mustangs in America or Brumbies in Australia!  If you work with horses then this will take your skills to a whole new level -- people will soon be begging you to train THEIR horses!


AND you'll even get a Special Section in the back of the book...


"The Horseman's Guide and Farrier"


When you act today, you'll also receive "The Horseman's Guide and Farrier", an incredible resource full of 'home remedies' for an assortment of your horses problems.


 In this Special Section you'll discover:


*Old time remedies for over a dozen conditions or diseases of horses - tinctures, oils and liniments to help heal your sick horse.


How a horses physical features may be an indication of its disposition.


The author's recipe for "Horse Powder" which the author claims will "cure more diseases than any other medicine known; such as Distemper, Fersey, Hidebound, Colds and all lingering diseases which may arise from impurity of the blood or lungs."*


What to do to pacify a scared horse and how to render it unlikely to start in the future.


A very gentle process of making a horse lie down that "however wild and fractious a horse may be naturally, after practicing this process a few times, you will find him perfectly gentle and submissive, and even disposed to follow you anywhere, and unwilling to leave you on any occasion."


And so much more! 

You can see how powerful these horse training secrets are, can't you?  


BUT... As good as this book is...  It isn't the complete picture...  YET...  Remember the other old time master horseman I mentioned?


In the early part of last century this EXTREMELY successful and renowned master horse trainer created a sensation when he finally released his comprehensive 8 volume, fully illustrated, horse training course.


If you want a complete and proven system that is tried and true and from a time when horesemen REALLY knew horses, then this is it!


Say goodbye to any bad habits or bad behaviors your horse might have.  No more kicking, shying, balking, biting, halter pulling - you'll find out how to avoid and cure all these bad habits and more!


Here, at last, is the Complete, Step by Step, Lesson by Lesson, Course in Horsemanship and Horse Training by renowned Horseman, Horse Trainer and Trainer of Trainers, Prof. Jesse Beery!  You get the whole course included as part of the Horse Training Secrets Exposed program when you act today.  Take a look inside...



A Course in Horsemanship is a treasure trove of Horse Training Secrets from a true Master Horseman.  Eight Volumes, Twelve Lessons, over 200 pages and 170+ illustrations, this course is jam-packed with valuable information and techniques.


Each detailed lesson is "arranged in logical order, taking you, step by step, from the basic principles to the toughest feats of horsemanship which only a master trainer would dare undertake."


What that means for you is that nothing is left to guesswork... you'll know exactly what to do, when you should do it and how you should do it to achieve the best result.


You'll be guided through detailed instructions with plenty of illustrations from all the things you need to know before you first handle a horse all the way through to teaching your horse complex tricks! 


And along the way you'll also find out how to avoid or cure any bad habit in a horse that you're ever likely to encounter.


Remember, all this is from a man who could "handle every kind of horse, no matter what sort of habit, or habits, he may have, or what his natural inclinations are."


You see Prof. Jesse Beery knew the secret of being able to "look at a horses head and tell you what sort of habits he is likely to have, how he will act when you try to break him of any particular habit and how long, and in what manner, he is likely to resist."  (And, yes, he lets you in on this powerful secret in his course!)


Because of this amazing secret, Prof. Beery was able to rack up an amazing track record of breaking any and every 'unbreakable' horse folks would bring him!


It's time for you to discover the horse training secrets of a man who never tackled a horse he didn't succeed in training... secrets such as:


How to 'read' the horse just by looking at it so you can do the right thing at the right time and avoid the mistakes that will otherwise be fatal to your training success.


 How you can practically program your horse for good behavior!


The one idea that so many people have about horses that is just dead wrong and 99% of the time does your horse more harm than good!  Get this idea out of your head fast if you want to train your horse successfully.

WARNING: You may be accidentally teaching your horse to shy!  Are you making this mistake?


The one thing that most people get dead wrong about habits and horses.  When you understand this you'll take your relationship with your horse to a whole new level.


The real reason why most horses kick (I bet it's not what you think) and, of course, exactly how to stop your horse from being a "kicker".


The two big causes of most "bad habits" and how to avoid them.


WARNING: Break this rule about the whip and you risk making your horse so nervous and excited that it can be almost impossible to quiet down.


How to prevent most accidents - all it takes is a few minutes a day!  Ensure your safety (and that of your loved ones) now.


The eighteen month window of opportunity that is The optimum time for you to train your horseDo you know when it is?  Make good impressions on your horse in this crucial time they will be retained for life.


One thing you must never let happen to your horse if you want a safe animal.


The one and only method by which you can make your horse do what you want.  This method applies in any phase of horse training or breaking and even teaching tricks.  The understanding of this method is vital to your success.


Do you think it's hard to teach a horse tricks?  Not the way Prof. Beery shows you... Teaching your horse tricks - even ones that seem complex, will be alot easier and simpler than you can imagine.


The only way to overcome the habit of running away.


How to pick the most agreeable, easily taught, horse just by looking at it's features.  And find out how to spot the ones with a mean and nasty disposition so you can avoid them!  One of the tricks is you've got to know how to 'look' not just with your eyes!


A plan for handling horses with all kinds of habits as well as plans for training green, unbroken colts.  This is not a "one size fits all" solutionYou will find out how to handle virtually any horse training situation imaginable!


The one thing you must do before you attempt to handle any colt or horse.  There is no room for guesswork here.  You'll discover how to do it quickly and easily in seconds with illustrations so you can't help but understand this vital secret.


The one idea you must get out of your head at once if you are to have any success with horses.  Are you one of the folk who are sabotaging their hores training success with this false belief?


3 things to watch that will tell you what your horse intends to do.  you'll always be one step ahead of your horse when you keep an eye on these 3 things!


The earliest age you should start training your horse.  Don't start too soon and increase the risk of bad habits being formed.


The simple trick you can use to make even an extremely "bad" horse stand perfectly still!


The strange secret Beery used to take two colts, teach them a complex drill entirely new to them and have them perform it without making the slightest error - all with less than two hours of training!


How to make various types of bridles and use them to best effect in training your horse.  You'll know exactly which bridle to use and when as well as how to make it and use it.


The best type of bit to use for your horse and why.  Get this wrong and you risk your horse reaching the point where he will pay no attention to any kind of bit.


A common item that you shouldn't use on your horse in the first lessons.  If you do then you risk having the opposite effect to that desired.


Find out what many people think they know but don't: exactly how to hold the lines. Step by step with illustrations, you're shown the right way from the very beginning.


Bi-lateral training - why this is important and how to do it.


The 3 mistakes that are the main reason many horses are improperly broken.  Are you making any of these mistakes?


The one word you absolutely must teach your horse correctly and the right (and wrong) way to use it.  Your life or the lives of others may depend on how successful you have been in teaching your horse this one word.


A tip about the most sensitive part of a horses body that "is not generally known even by old horsemen".  Get this and you'll know something most other horse folk don't.


Are you making these mistakes even Prof. Beery made while learning and perfecting his system?  Benefit from his experience so you don't have to make the same mistakes with your horse!


How to virtually 'immunize' your horse against fear which puts you and your horse in danger!  Use these everyday household items to train your colt not to be afraid at the sight of different objects.


How to fix good training habits so thoroughly that even if you were to disappear for as long as two years you could pick up again with your horse as much under your control as when you left him!


The two major "sources" of bad habits in horses, how to avoid them and the first thing you must do break bad habits.

Overcome balking (or any other wilfulness) with this appliance.  It's especially effective and you'll see how to use it (with illustrations) to overcome these habits in your horse.

How to eradicate bad habits like being bad to ride, groom, lead, harness, clip, crupper or shoe and many other minor habits using a special type of bridle.  Sounds incredible, I know, but it's the specific action across nerves that makes this particular bridle so effective!

No more kicking!  The two real reasons why horses kick (it's not why you think!) and the two things necessary to eliminate this nasty habit.  These methods never failed the author even with the most vicious horses.  Want to find out how he did it?


The correct way and precise timing to use the whip with a balker.  A few seconds to soon or too late can make the habit even worse!  


The right way to overcome the habit of rearing.


The 4 telltale signs of a horses age.  3 of these methods will only give you a rough idea but the fourth - fully explained and illustrated - is nearly always accurate!


What you should do to your horses feet BEFORE shoeing for the first time to make shoeing nice and easy in future.  And what to do for a horse with a confirmed habit of being hard to show.


A handy trick to make the horses foot almost come up for shoeing of it's own accord!  Don't let anyone mistreat your horse by kicking him on the shin or tendon when they want to pick up the foot to shoe.


Halter Pulling - what causes this easily acquired habit, how to ensure your horse doesn't acquire it and how to break the habit if your horse is already a halter puller.  And don't let your horse fool you - you'll find out exactly what you have to do to ensure the habit is overcome entirely.


The special knot that saved the author hundreds of dollars!  Use this knot and "no matter how hard the horse pulls against it, he cannot draw it tight."


The first thing you must do when handling broncos and exactly how you should do it.


How to tell when the bronco is ready to be trained and the big mistake the average man makes in the handling of the bronco.


How to lasso a bronco - step by step with illustrations.


Two things to teach your horse so you can throw a lasso from the saddle.  Do this and soon you and your horse will be working together like a well oiled machine.


How to hitch up a bad horse and what you must ALWAYS REMEMBER when doing this to avoid injury!


The easy solution to prevent cribbing.  One of these methods has even overcome some very severe cases.


What you should do BEFORE you bridle a colt for the first time and how you should do it.


The right way to teach a colt to lead.  Most people do this the wrong way - don't you make the same mistake!


Two simple solutions to stop a horse kicking at the side of the stall.  You'll also discover cures for virtually every other possible "bad horse habit"!


How to make and use the "Old-time Indian Bridle".  You'll also see how to make, modify and use a whole bunch of other bridles - all fully illustrated with black and white line drawings!


Teach your horse tricks!   Teach your horse to say yes and no, to walk, gallop and trot on spoken command, to appear vicious at your will, to jump, to stand erect, to carry an article by mouth, to kiss, to play dead, waltz, even to count!  And more!  You'll amaze people with the tricks you teach your animal with these in-depth, detailed instructions!


Which types of horse make the best trick horses and which two types are not suitable to be taught tricks (don't waste your time with these two!)


The one thing you MUST do BEFORE you try to teach a horse tricks!


And so much more! 

The whole course is written in plain and simple language even a child can understand.  You don't have to be an expert - but you can become one soon!


Here's the thing...  Follow these lessons in detail and you will have a well-trained horse, with NO bad habits  - your horse will have confidence in you and will be under your control at all times!


And the best part is you can start right now and get results, no matter how wild or vicious your horse, often in just hours!


But I don't expect you to take my word for it.  There's many hundreds of happy customers who already got their hands on these horse training secrets - look at what some of them have to say:


See what some of my VERY satisfied customers
have to say about Horse Training Secrets Exposed!

"I truly feel this is a 'must' for all lovers of horses..."


"My sincere thanks for this most informative and excellent introduction. I truly feel this is a "must" for all lovers of horses, in particular those who are actively involved in all aspects of equestrian sport."


~ Peter le Roux 
South Africa 


"I had never worked with a truly wild horse, so I found the book to be the perfect resource that I return to over and over again!"


"Having adopted a wild horse from the Gila River Indian Reservation (near Phoenix, AZ), I found the information in the Training Wild Horses book most useful - from start to finish.


I had never worked with a truly wild horse, so I found the book to be the perfect resource that I return to over and over again!


Thanks for the great information and insights!"


~ Claire Miller, 
Surprise, Arizona


"it worked wonders on him, in just one try! It's made a different horse out of him... thanks so much."


"Thanks so much for the ebooks!!!!!!!!


Our stallion wouldn't lead and was getting out of control..we ordered the books and tried the methods the next day.


My husband walked him out and he never gave him a problem!


He stopped and the stallion stopped and stood still without moving... he could let go of the lead and the stallion would walk with him, he was that worked wonders on him, in just one try! It's made a different horse out of him... thanks so much."


~ Cynthia and Peter Robinson,


"What I also REALLY liked was the insight into the horse's psyche. "


"I just really enjoyed the book.  The methods are humane and simple to understand and to execute.  What I also REALLY liked was the insight into the horse's psyche.


I am telling my friends about the book and can honestly and heartily recommend it.  As for the bonus books, they are entertaining and informative.  Further, the "home remedies" are interesting."


~ Rev. B. Jeffress 
Westland, Michigan


"This book is a horseman's Bible..."


"This book is a horseman's Bible it covers all subjects in an easy to digest manner and is a must for anyone starting out caring for horses. 

As for the experienced horseman, it cuts down on nine tenths of the hard work and frustration that we have all undergone.  There are bits we know, but hell of a lot that we should know but need years of work to find out.


I wish I had found this book at the beginning of my carreer with horses, I would never have had to work so hard to achieve the results that this book shows can be done in a fraction of the time."


~ Terry Symons

"The methods work, I have seen them in action, simply amazing."


"Thank you! 


Just wanted you to know, it wasn't until I read the book by JS Caroll that I realized these are the same methods my late stepfather, a very amazing horseman, used to gentle and train many wild horses caught up in the Peace Country (northern Alberta, Canada).


My first horse was a mare named Coco, never seen people until she was 6, I learned to ride on her. The methods work, I have seen them in action, simply amazing."


~ Sheri Hulan,
Grand Prairie, Alberta



You see, Horse Training Secrets Exposed has helped hundreds of people all over the world to quickly and easily tame and train horses, and it can absolutely help YOU to do the same!  I guarantee it!


With training methods so powerful and effective, you just might be wondering...


"So how much for all of this, Craig?"


Horse Training Secrets Exposed contains the most powerful horse training techniques you're ever likely to find.  For many years they have been kept secret, hidden away, until now...


With these methods you will soon be able to train or tame any horse, no matter how wild it might be.


To get a professional horse trainer to do this for you would cost you several hundred dollars -- and you can bet they'll will tack on a hundred or so extra for "problem horses".


And that's just for breaking the horse... if you wanted (or NEEDED) ongoing training you'd be up for many hundreds more on top of that!!!


I've got it on good authority that I should be asking around $250 for this course -- after all, not only will it help you to break, tame, or train any horse no matter how wild... it can also help you to eliminate ANY unwanted behaviors for the life of your horse.


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It covers common faults of conformation, common unsoundnesses that impair a horse's usefulness as well as serious faults of temperament or training.


The book is illustrated with helpful photos and diagrams and guides you through the examination in a logical sequence.


Here's a sample of what you'll discover inside:


How the muzzle can indicate the presence of a bad habit or a possible lack of vigor.


How to spot stable vices and other vices that mean you should look for a different animal.


Indications of normal health in the horse which allows you to choose the best of the bunch.


How to tell a horse's age by its teeth so you know just what you are getting - with step by step photos included.


Indications of desirable temperament that mean you'll go home with a happy and well adjusted horse.


 How to test a horse's eyesight.  As well as a certain behavior to watch out for - if you see this you should suspect blindness or a bad temperament (and THIS has nothing to do with the eyes).


 How to check for all manner of diseases - both common and not so common so you can be sure your horse is healthy.


The type of tail that indicates spirit and vigor in the horses that you are considering.


And so much more!


If you want to get the best, healthiest, most suitable horse for you, then take this book with you and you'll have a step by step, systematic approach that will ensure you choose the best horse available


The information in this book alone could easily be worth many times the cost of the whole course to you!

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How to Break and Train Colts - this bonus gift worth $19 (free when you grab your copy of Horse Secrets Exposed today).  Illustrated with photographs, this book describes a very effective method for properly breaking and training colts.


The principle element behind the method described in this book is "kindness to the horse" - this is ALL about gently getting the horse to obey your command.


Here's just some of what you'll discover inside:


How to stop obstinacy when training your colt.


How to handle older, unbroken horses.


The best ages for the phases of breaking/training.


The one thing you MUST do before approaching a horse.


How to minimize the risk of bucking when you ride him.


 How to throw a horse.


How to cure balkiness.


The most valuable gait for your horse to do and how to do it right.


And so much more! 

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The Horse Training System by J. Carroll, worth $44 (yours free when you grab your copy of Horse Secrets Exposed today) outlines the EXACT system which allowed the author  to "readily break, tame or train the wildest or most vicious horse or mule" and subject them to his will


This is the system by which Prof. Carroll was able to "cure the most vicious horses of the habit of balking or kicking; also the habits of shying, running away, pulling at the halter, jumping fences or pitching under the saddle.  It will enable anyone to ride any horse or mule without saddle or bridle with perfect safety; also to drive without bridle or lines."


Here's just a taste of what else you'll find inside:


How to manage a wild or vicious horse -  even horses that were quite old before they were first handled.


Revealed: the mechanical advantage that lets you compel a horse to stop instantly on your command, with barely any pressure!


How to give your horse such confidence in you that he'll feel no fear as long as you're with him.


How to cure a horse of jumping and fence breaking so thoroughly that he'll happily stay in nearly any kind of enclosure.


Secret ways of "jockeying" a horse to make him appear to be other than what he is.  Eg. blind, lame, sick, unwilling eat or drink and how to remove a brand.


And so much more!


In a nutshell, this brief but valuable ebook shows you an ingenious system enabling you to cure a horse of bad habits and compel it to do what you want by using the horses own anatomy and instinctive movements against itself to amazing effect.


And you don't need any fancy equipment!  It's all done using simple rigs of straps, rope and other basic items. 


To tell the truth, the information in this book is so valuable that I'm actually hesitant to give it away.  Initially I intended to sell this book seperately and I reserve the right to do that at ANY time - so act now, while you can still get it free with your Horse Training Secrets Exposed package! 


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Advanced Secrets: The Art of Taming and Controlling Vicious and Unmanageable Horses - inside this fully illustrated book a master horseman reveals his own secrets and important discoveries "by which the control of horses of even the most vicious character becomes easy and simple."

During his career this man stunned crowds al333l over the country with his ability to make extremely vicious horses (even deadly) entirely gentle and submissive within minutes - and all in front of crowds of amazed witnesses!


Before his classes - he guaranteed to make -


Any wild, unmanageable colt so gentle that he could be hitched up and driven without breeching, all in less than forty minutes.


The same in regard to any vicious, kicking, runaway horse or unbroken colt.


To make any unmanageable stallion so submissive that he can be called away, by spoken command only, from another horses side while standing ten feet away  - and this within ten minutes.


To make any halter puller, while hitched with his own halter in the usual way, so that, no matter how frightened, excited, or abused, he could not be made to pull or go back - all within just two minutes!


To make any colt or horse follow freely in a few minutes.


The bad news is that it's no longer possible to attend this mans classes...BUT...


The good news is that you can still find out his secrets!


Although it may take weeks or even months to break horses in the usual uncertain way this method "enables any ordinary man to do it so quickly and easily."


Here's just some of what you're about to discover:


How to easily prevent of overcome the various characteristics of viciousness in horses.  (page 10)


The three natural difficulties in the education and subjection of horses.  What they are and how to overcome them.  (page 13)


How to completely neutralize resistance so there is only total submission - without the use of force - no matter how strong the horse!  (page 17)


Two keys to ensuring prompt obedience every time. (page 15)


A way to control even the strongest horse "as easily as a plaything".  (page 17)


A secret that can render even the "most nervous, kicking colts" quickly able to be handled as desired.  (page 18)


How to fix even stubborn balkers in a few minutes.  (page 19)


A fast, safe way to perfect submission "no matter how apparently dangerous or vicious the horse".   "One of the most powerful and valuable methods of subjection known".  (page 24)


Exactly which part of the body to watch to accurately gauge the horse's level of resistance - whether he's kicking or not!  (page 26)


A very effective treatment for 'bad to shoe'.  (page 27)


"How to increase your power sufficiently to compel the horse, no matter how strong or stubborn, to submit to control...easily and successfully..." and usually within 5 minutes!  (page 28)


And so much more!


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What you must do with a wild and vicious colt BEFORE anything else is attempted.


How to bring your colt to an instant stop without pulling - using just your voice!


How to get teach your colt to back - simply and easily.


The right way to train your colt so that "he will soon work in so smoothly and nicely that in docility he will act the part of an old, gentle family horse."


How to  not just conquer fear in your colt but completely eradictate it!


And so much more!



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*CAUTION: Please note that the "Old time remedies" included in the book have been left in their original form only for informational/entertainment purposes as well as for the the sake of preserving the integrity of the original work.  If your horse is sick you should consult an appropriately qualified professional and do not depend on these remedies.  Please read our disclaimer, if you haven't already, before purchasing.



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